The ferret's poop


The quality of the poop of a ferret is an important indicator to see if it is healthy.

Furetto poop normale
© Courtesy of Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP
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Normal poop: This is what you want to see. A normal poop is tubular in shape, Its consistency is smooth and homogeneous and is brown.
Furetto cacca verde
© Courtesy of Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP
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Green poop: A very nonspecific sign, means that the food moves too quickly. The brown color usually seen in the stool of death is the end product of old red blood cells. The feces pass through a pigment called biliverdin and then turns brown (called stercobilin). Then, If the food passes into an accelerated pace, not completed the whole process and I remain green. There are several reasons why it happens, For example, the ECE, rapid changes in food, lymphoma, and more.
Nero catramoso poop furetto
© Courtesy of Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP
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Black poop: Often a sign of gastric bleeding and usually associated with gastric ulcers. There must be an abundant amount of blood in the stomach to make the stool black. The color is the result of digestion of the blood, that normally occurs only in the stomach.
Furetto poop sanguinosa
© Courtesy of Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP
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Poop with the presence of blood: If you see fresh blood in the stool, usually comes from the intestine or rectum (if small doses). If the amount of blood is abundant, could come from the entire length of the intestinal tract. An excessive amount of blood can be caused either by severe hemorrhage gastica, drain da shock e, As you can imagine, is a worrying sign.
Becchime-like furetto poop
© Courtesy of Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP
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Poop with granules(as if they were seeds): It is usually a sign of poor digestion or malabsorption. There is a specific symptom, can be caused by any disease that affects the small intestine. It happens often in the presence of ECE, the granules are given by complex of fat and starch undigested. When I made that notice of, Consider a change of diet with foods more easily digestible.
Matita-lead poop furetto sottile
© Courtesy of Dr. Scott Stahl
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Poop with foreign elements: Symptom of a partial bowel obstruction, given by foreign bodies, in this photo it is a stick of ice cream.

Author:Dr. Bruce Williams is a recognized expert in disease and pathology of the domestic ferret. Lavora presso l’Armed Forces Institute of Pathology di Washington, DC
SOURCE: Ferret Magazine


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